Telangana: Over 100k people found to be covid-19 symptomatic in door-to-door fever survey

Telangana: Over 100k people found to be covid-19 symptomatic in door-to-door fever survey

Fever survey: Telangana government on Friday commenced a state-wise door-to-door survey in order to identify those with covid symptoms of the viral disease. The survey took place when the country is reeling under the rising covid-19 cases due to the emergence of new covid-19 variant, Omicron. In the survey, the residents were handed home isolation kits with necessary medicines, T Harish Rao, state’s health minister who was reviewing the progress said on Sunday.

As per the survey conducted in the last two days, more than 1, 00,000 people were found to be suffering from one or the other covid-related symptoms. “Home isolation kits have been distributed to more than 100,500 people who were found to be suffering from one symptom or the other like cold, cough, fever. Each kit had a complete course of medicines required for symptomatic treatment”, state health minister T Harish Rao said.

An official in the state health department, who did not wished to name said, “We are not saying that all of them suffering from covid-19. The symptoms however resemble that of Omicron variant of covid-19. This could even be the result of seasonal flu in winters. Since the symptoms are very mild and most of them recovering within three to four days, the affected ones are denying to get tested”.

The health authorities have however asked them to remain in isolation for a week and use complete course of medical kit provided to them. The state health minister has assured that pregnant women need not to worry as special arrangement has been made across the state if any of them tests positive for virus.

One crore medical kits ready; fever survey to last for another week

The fever kit is been given to each person suffering from covid-19 related symptoms besides prescription chart denoting how to take the medicines. “We have one crore such medical kits ready for distribution. People will not have to rush to the hospitals for treatment”, the health minister noted. He also added that the fever survey would last for another week.

More than 56k covid-19 beds vacant in govt hospitals

Rao said that the fever survey has been taken to ensure that we reach out all the patients. Anybody suffering from severe covid-19 symptoms must reach out for government hospitals for treatment and not run around private hospitals.

“More than 56,000 Covid-19 beds are vacant in the government hospitals across Telangana. Separate facilities have also been made even for pregnant women who tested positive for Covid-19 or suffering from symptoms,” he said.

The covid-19 cases have also coming down in various states and the same would happen for Telangana, he said. People must wear masks and wash their hands frequently. The total number of 4,393 new covid cases were reported in Telangana on Saturday and 4,416 positive cases on Friday.
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