Maneater Apex Edition store benefits & product information summary


Maneater Apex Edition store benefits & product information summary

PS4 software “Maneater Apex Edition” is on sale!

The shark open-world action RPG “Maneater”, which aims to become a small shark cub and aim to become the top predator in the ocean, is now available on PS4 as a definitive edition with a large DLC set!

This page summarizes the product information, store benefits, and inclusion benefits of “Maneater Apex Edition” released on December 22, 2022 (Thursday)!

Includes the main game and large DLC “MANEATER: Truth Quest”!
Please take this opportunity to check it out!

Mist Detective” Benefits & Product Information

“Maneater Apex Edition” does not seem to come with inclusion benefits at the moment.

The enclosed bonus is not included, but it is a chance to enjoy the main game and the large DLC “MANEATER: Truth Quest” at a great price, so please check it out!

Maneater Apex Edition (PS4)

titleManeater Apex Edition
genreOpen world action RPG (ShaRkPG)
Compatible modelsPlayStation 4
*Compatible with free upgrade to PS5 version
developerTripwire Interactive
Selling agencyPLAION, Deep Silver
Target ageCERO: Z (18+ only)
Number of players1 person
Release date[DL version] Wednesday, September 01, 2021
[Package version] Thursday, December 22, 2022
Reference price[DL version] 6,380 yen (tax included)
[Package version] 4,400 yen (tax included)

Recorded contents

  1. “Maneater” game software
  2. DLC “MANEATER: Truth Quest” flyer with serial code

store benefits

* When purchasing, be sure to check the product page of each store to see if there are any benefits.

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About “Maneater Apex Edition”

“Maneater Apex Edition” is a shark open-world action RPG “Maneater” in which players become small shark cubs and aim for the top of predators in the ocean, and large DLC . It is a great value product with a set of .

The large DLC “MANEATER: Truth Quest” introduces a new island, various wildlife and challenges!
You can enjoy a true shark experience that has been powered up!

Become a legendary giant shark!

Players step into the world of a fierce competition for survival as a child of a small bull shark.

Freely explore 7 vast open-world areas, such as the coast, resort beaches, and the open ocean, and crawl up the ecosystem while preying on humans and wildlife!

If you find rare resources, you can even evolve beyond the laws of nature! ?Explore the vast open world freely and make your way to the top of the predator in your own way!

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